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Hair volume

Does your hair lack volume? This is a problem that affects many women! It most often affects people with thin hair, but it may also be the result of improper care. How to deal with this? Neboa suggests – regularly use scalp peels, which will not only cleanse the scalp, but also grow the hair at the roots. Choose a cosmetic with a natural formula, e.g. Neboa EXTRA VOLUME foam with pea proteins – a natural keratin substitute to achieve more volume in you hairstyle.


Natural hair styling foam

Natural hair styling foam is a unique formula containing pea proteins, which add volume and elasticity to the hair. Biotin and nettle extract strengthen, moisturize and give natural shine, and the ceramide-oil complex protects the hair against damage during styling. The foam lifts the hair at the roots, adding maximum volume, prevents frizz and static electricity, while supporting the regeneration of damaged hair.


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