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Hair Care

In the face of today’s rush and environmental pollution, conscious hair care is becoming an increasing challenge. Neboa products are unique formulas that provide comprehensive care for all hair types. Thanks to the ecological approach, hair care with Neboa becomes not only a ritual for your hair, but also a conscious choice for the environment.


Natural hair styling foam

Natural hair styling foam is a unique formula containing pea proteins, which add volume and elasticity to the hair. Biotin and nettle extract strengthen, moisturize and give natural shine, and the ceramide-oil complex protects the hair against damage during styling. The foam lifts the hair at the roots, adding maximum volume, prevents frizz and static electricity, while supporting the regeneration of damaged hair.


Natural regenerating shampoo

Natural regenerating shampoo is an ideal product for damaged and colored hair. Effectively cleanses the scalp and hair thanks to delicate cleansing substances, without drying them. The formula with sesame and argan oils and ceramides intensively regenerates, moisturizes and strengthens the hair, restoring its softness and elasticity. Adaptogen (schisandra) nourishes the scalp and makes it smooth.


Natural regenerating conditioner

Natural regenerating conditioner is an ideal product for damaged and colored hair. Thanks to hydrolyzed pea proteins and ceramides, it strengthens, regenerates and rebuilds hair along its entire length. Linseed and sweet almond oils moisturize and deeply nourish, preventing excessive frizz, while broccoli and mustard oils add natural shine.


Natural refreshing and moisturizing shampoo

Natural refreshing and moisturizing shampoo for oily and normal hair cleanses the scalp and hair thanks to natural cleansing substances that do not dry or irritate. Licorice root extract and the FLOWER ACIDS® complex refresh the hair, reducing greasiness and giving it shine. Provitamin B5 and prebiotic (inulin) moisturize and strengthen the scalp.


Natural refreshing and moisturizing conditioner

A natural refreshing and moisturizing conditioner for oily hair, cleanses the hair at the roots, while moisturizing dry ends. Reduces oiliness and adds volume to the hair thanks to the content of green clay and licorice root extract. Sweet almond oil, provitamin B5 and prebiotic (inulin) moisturize and smooth the hair, and caffeine strengthens it, giving it shine.


Lamellar water

Lamellar water instantly improves the appearance of your hair without weighing it down. Thanks to babassu oil, it deeply regenerates and moisturizes, while the goji fruit extract adds not only nourishment, but also a healthy glow. After using lamellar water, the hair becomes soft to the touch and visibly smoother.


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