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Scalp lotions

Scalp lotions are a revolutionary step in hair care. They provide the scalp with essential nutrients, stimulating the growth of healthy and beautiful hair. Choose the scalp lotion that best suits your needs from the available in TRICHOLOGICAL CARE and STRONG SCALP series and enjoy beautiful, thick hair!


Natural scalp lotion

Natural scalp lotion is a concentrated strengthening treatment that is a perfect solution for weakened, thinning hair and scalp prone to dandruff. The unique formula, enriched with peptides, acts as a real therapy for hair, supporting its growth and effectively reducing hair loss. Hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 perfectly normalize sebum production, while providing hydration and reducing the feeling of scalp itching.


Normalizing scalp lotion

Normalizing scalp lotion for all types of hair, especially those with a tendency to fall out due to stress, hormonal factors and as a result of loss of collagen around the hair follicles (frequent styling, hairdressing treatments, hair dyeing and bleaching). It has an intensive effect on weakened hair bulbs, limits hair loss, accelerates new hair growth, and the unique Echinacea Scalp Balance® complex moisturizes and nourishes. Provitamin B5 relieves the feeling of itching and irritation.


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